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8th Annual Women’s Pride in the Pines Raises Over $125,000

The eighth annual Women’s Pride in the Pines, produced by Linda Gottlieb, took place at Whyte Hall and the Pines Club, on June 9, and raised over $125,000. 

The Family Equality Council was the main beneficiary, with Ali Forney Center, Trinity Place Shelter, SAGE and the Pines Care Center also receiving contributions.

Funds were also raised in memory of Rayya Elias, with a check presented by her partner Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray, Love, former wife Gigi Madl and friend Shawn Felker.

As per tradition, Classic White was the dress code. Susan Levine and Jeff Hall were the DJs for the afternoon dance; there was an evening cocktail party; and Alan Cumming and BETTY entertained at the buffet dinner.

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