The goal of The LGBTQ Focus Foundation is to create a just world where anyone can live and grow and be the person they choose. The LGBTQ Focus Foundation provides funds and awareness to support Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning (LGBTQ) community organizations and their allies. We partner with gay and gay/straight alliances to fund innovative leaders and programs that promote equality, offer stability, educate and provide a safe environment.

Board of Directors

Linda Gottlieb, President & Founder
Robbie Regina, Vice President
Ed Schulhafer, Treasurer
Nate Pinsley, Secretary

​John Calcagno
Josh Dawson
Nancy Martino
Donnie Roberts
Lenny Vanella
Steven J. Weissman

Committee Members

Ralph Benfatto

Kendra Oleckna

Lisa Gaskin Solomon

Each year the LGBTQ Focus Foundation partners with an organization that serves the LGBTQ community as the beneficiary of Women's Pride in the Pines.


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